We may be in the middle of Winter here in Boulder, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think about the sunshine and warmth. In fact, if you’re thinking about redoing your patio, this is actually the ideal time to begin thinking about the warmth of Spring and Summer and how to make your patio the ultimate outdoor living and relaxing area.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we found some stunning patios that do a brilliant job at showing how outdoor spaces can work seamlessly with the primary architecture of a home. These stunning landscape patios include both gardens and furniture, and embrace intricate geometric shapes that create sharp angles. You’re guaranteed to be inspired after viewing these patios. Continue reading ..

Boulder Star History

The holiday season in Boulder officially kicks off once the star on Flagstaff turns on. It’s a tradition that has been going on for over 75 years, with the star being a cornerstone of the holiday time in Boulder. Even with the Flagstaff Star being a beloved local tradition, it hasn’t been shielded from controversy, vandalism, and local political debates. Continue reading ..


If you’re not quite in the market for a new home (yet!) and just want some brilliant design inspiration to freshen up your current abode, then this gallery of 2002 Alpine, located in Boulder, is sure to ignite your inner designer and truly inspire you. The home, completed in May 2010, was designed by Studio H:T, built by eco-luxury builders Vireo, and engineered by German company WeberHaus. The home is right around 4,300 square feet in size and located cliff-side.

The interior of the home has a very clear European-inspired look. You’ll notice sleek cabinetry and a very open floor plan, giving the home modern, comfortable, and functional attributes. As an added bonus, the home is eco-friendly and only requires 1/5 or less energy than the average American home. The home was also built in an especially eco-friendly way by creating only 1-2% waste during the construction process versus 17% waste created for the average home constructed in the United States. Continue reading ..

431 Arapahoe Overview

One of the very few creekside homes in Boulder, Colorado. With renovations in 2008 and 2011, respectively, it’s easy to see why this home is in high demand.

Property highlights:

  • 2 story
  • Wood frame, brick/brick veneer, wood siding construciton
  • Exercise Room
  • Victorian
  • Lawn Sprinkler System
  • Patio with two sided fireplace
  • Incredible foothills views
  • Baseboard heating
  • Eat in Kitchen, Open floor plan, walk-in closets, kitchen island, living room fireplace
  • Allergen Free construction materials

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